The A&D Story

Founded in Japan in 1977 by 13 engineers led by Hikaru Furukawa...

A&D (which stands for Analog & Digital) which was founded in Japan in 1977 by a group of 13 engineers led by Hikaru Furukawa. The company began by manufacturing and distributing analog-to-digital converters and multimeters. In 1982 the company entered the electronic balance marketplace by acquiring a Japanese scale and balance company.

A&D expanded into the medical business in 1987 by partnering with Takeda Medical, a leading manufacturer of blood pressure monitors. A&D's technology in analog and digital conversion and sensors has enabled the company to become a leading provider of blood pressure monitors to both the professional and consumer markets.

Through other key acquisitions, today A&D has also become a major manufacturer of measurement and control equipment, contributing to the development of industry and healthy living. A&D is a global corporation with distribution, sales, and marketing around the world, and manufacturing in Japan, China, Australia and Korea.

A&D is located in San Jose, California and directly serves the North, South and Central American markets.