Mission, Vision & Values


A&D is a technology-driven, market-oriented, global manufacturer of measurement equipment. With its core technology of analog-to-digital conversion, A&D provides tools using precision measurement and controlling technology, helping its customers around the world to create added value and contribute to the development of industry and healthy living. 


A&D's vision to be ...Clearly a Better Value for customers, is the driving force for the company. Through innovative design and efficient, quality manufacturing, A&D strives to offer top quality services and products at a fair price − clearly a better value for those it serves.


A&D's corporate values define the way Associates conduct their work. Our values give our company its unique character and articulate the way we intend to operate on a daily basis. A&D creates a culture of inclusiveness designed to bring out the best in each and every Associate. 

A&D's corporate values include:

  • Commitment to quality in all of our work
  • Open, honest communication − talking and listening − with customers, the community, and each other
  • Efficiency derived through careful work and diligent personal time management
  • Personal responsibility for continued skills enhancement
  • Decision-making with ethical intent and integrity
  • Respect for the individual and the team
  • Conscious understanding and belief in the importance of our work: creating products that enhance technology and improve lives