In 1993 Mr. Furukawa set a vision for A&D Company and its subsidiaries to be "Clearly a Better Value to all those we serve". This has become the cornerstone of all A&D companies. We aim to recruit the best and the brightest in the marketplace, and we provide a rich and inclusive learning and growing environment. With a qualified, motivated, and efficient workforce, we can provide the value our customers require.

A&D Associates are expected to meet high standards of performance on the job and adapt to constantly changing business and market climates. They must continually learn and apply new skills to meet the evolving demands of our progressive business, and we provide them myriad opportunities to do so.

After being hired at A&D, each Associate has a personal meeting with A&D's president. Following this meeting, the Associate receives extensive training in the A&D way of doing business, including courses in Communicating for Results, ISO 9000 and Non-ISO Policies & Procedures. Associates also enjoy a broad range of other learning opportunities. In order to ensure continuous growth and learning, each Associate develops a personalized custom training program, setting the stage for a thorough understanding of the company's operations and the individual's role within it. This process helps to guarantee that Associates remain A&D's greatest asset.

For those who enjoy contributing to a winning team and thrive in an atmosphere of personal empowerment, A&D is a great place to work! Our comprehensive benefits package includes health, dental, and vision coverage, an in-house wellness program, and more!

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