Team Values

Learning and Growing
We welcome the infusion of talent and energy our new hires bring to the A&D Team! We work to ensure all Associates have a thorough understanding of A&D values and operations, so they can make immediate and meaningful contributions to our corporate goals.

All Associates follow a rolling 18-month personalized training plan to ensure understanding and collaboration among team members. The goal is to maintain high standards of performance and efficiency - productivity that translates into excellent service and Clearly a Better Value for our customers!

Trust, Honesty and Integrity
A&D believes people will succeed if provided with the proper tools and support. Our work environment is designed to enable Associates to operate ethically and with integrity. New Associates tell us that they enjoy being part of a productive team that operates according to these critical values, creating an environment that fosters creativity!

Team Spirit
A&D believes that working as a team, rather than adhering to an inefficient hierarchical structure, enables the company to produce the best results.

Challenging Opportunities
A&D encourages people to set challenging and realistic goals and offers a cross-functional team structure to allow Associates to grow.

The company works toward a set of challenging strategic and operating goals and objectives. Achieving these is cause for celebration! A&D encourages group events to give Associates an opportunity to share their collective success, and offers a competitive compensation structure to provide personal rewards for a job well done.

A&D empowers its Associates to do their best work through self-evaluation and autonomy in their roles. Associates, rather than supervisors, take ownership of managing their own performance against their daily, quarterly, and annual goals. At A&D, we call this Powersharing.

Powersharing allows for increased personal accountability. Associates drive their own projects, programs, and performance, contributing fully to team success. Powersharing enables Associates to see the impact of their contribution to the company's goal of providing a Clearly a Better Value to our customers!

Support, Dignity and Respect
Each Associate plays a part in ensuring that our environment is supportive and that we are all treated with dignity and respect. A&D encourages mentoring, counseling and coaching, and encourages each person in the company to seek the opinions and expertise of their peers.

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